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Nanofiber MERV-13 HVAC/Furnace Air Filters & Face Mask Filter Material

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Make the CLEER choice for Healthy Air

We are CLEER, producers of CLEER air products. We provide a line of higher quality air purifiers, such as HVAC and window filters, at a competitive price that the homeowners want and need.

Virus Free Air

Removes microscopic virus carriers from the air you breathe


HVAC and window filters, at a competitive price for homeowners

Protection from Contaminants

Removes dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, decaying feces, pollens

Highest MERV Ratings

Highest industry standard for filter efficacy

Energy Efficient

Clean air without added energy costs, and less HVAC failure.

Great Quality

CLEER brings advanced air filtration at a lower the cost while providing better performance




CLEER protects your family from what’s outside and inside your home

  • Stay protected from harmful microorganisms (often airborne) that might come in from outside your home.
  • Get to reduce the amount of energy consumed in your apartment. A dirty filter restricts air flow into your HVAC system, causing it to work harder to cool or heat your building. 
  • Improve air flow and efficiency of your furnace. Clogged filters restrict HVAC airflow, causing the system to cease the filter of allergens and other particulates out of the air. 

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